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Clicker Training Puppy

All puppy owners want their puppies to learn different tricks and skills. Clicker training is one of those ways to teach your puppy good behavior. Clicker training puppy will help him learn the basics of obedience training. The clicker, a mechanical tool, creates a distinctive sound which informs your puppy he is doing exactly what you want him to do. As a reward, you can give your puppy something to eat, or you can play with him. Soon your puppy will associate this clicking sound with something he likes. Here are the things that you can do to get started on it:

Wait Until Your Puppy Exhibits a Good Behavior

This training starts with waiting for a perfect opportunity for your puppy to show good behavior. Once this happens, press the clicker and give your puppy a treat. You may need to do this several times to practice your puppy. You can also add an extra training activity during mealtime. A few commands to behave while waiting for his meal would be great.

Push the Clicker while Your Puppy is Showing Good Behavior

A good timing is required to be effective in clicker training puppy. Your puppy will not recognize the treat is for good behavior if you push the clicker after he has already done the good deed. Your puppy will automatically stop after he hears the clicker because the clicker signals the end. Just remember that if you use food as a reward, make sure you cut the food into tiny pieces.

Click if your Puppy did Something that You Approve of

Start with simple tricks that your puppy can do on his own, like coming towards you and sitting down. Don’t forget to keep your sessions short; five to ten minutes is better than 30 minutes – or longer – of boring routine repetition. Express your high enthusiasm by giving more treats and rather than pressing the clicker numerous times.

Click for Movements that Your Puppy Discovers

You can’t force your puppy to do something. If you want your puppy to learn a specific trick, you may guide him and allow him to discover things on his own. Forcing him to learn any skill or trick will leave you and your puppy frustrated. Don’t forget to keep safety in mind during your clicker training puppy sessions.

Increase Your Goal

This training includes shaping up his behavior. If your puppy is already responding well to his training, that’s a sign to start increasing your goal. When your puppy already knows how to sit, you may increase your goal by teaching him how to sit more promptly at your command. If he lays down, waits for him to stay there for a few seconds more before giving him a reward.

Effective communication with your puppy is possible through clicker training puppy. This training is made not only to teach your puppy how to behave appropriately but to discipline him as well. You can correct bad behaviors if you click on favorable ones. Dogs are also naturally talented, and this training can help your dog develop his talents. As you go through your everyday practices, you will discover exactly what your puppy is capable of doing.

Puppy House Training Problems

One of the biggest puppy house training problems people generally face is the age old ‘what do I do when my puppy goes to the toilet in my home.’ Firstly don’t panic, there’s no need to and don’t shout at your puppy or, heaven forbids, rub their nose in what they’ve done. Most people will tell you that this is the way to treat your puppy after they’ve gone to the toilet in your home however if you follow these puppy house training tips you’ll find that this may stop the urinating issue, it probably won’t, but will certainly open up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of anxiety problems.

When you’re dealing with puppy house training problems you need to have patience if you don’t then please reconsider getting a puppy as this won’t right for you. Puppy house training does take time but the rewards of owning a puppy far outweigh the problems that can come with them.

Anyway sorry to digress, let’s get back on to the subject of sorting out your puppy house training problems and follow on with these potty training tips for puppies. If your puppy does happen to relieve himself in your home and on your carpet, try cleaning it up with a special dog odor eliminator. If you just use domestic soap and warm water you’ll find that the smell has gone for you but as your puppy’s sense of smell is a lot stronger than yours, they will still be able to smell it and will repeatedly go again in the same place. This should completely get rid of the scent and help alleviate some of the more common puppy house training problems owners usually have to deal with and that is repeat offending.

If you find that, whilst working through his puppy house training problems, your puppy is going to the toilet quite regularly or more often than usual then you may want to get him checked out as he may have picked up a bladder infection. Again don’t panic just take your puppy to your Vet and have him checked, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away always seek out medical advice for any drastic, unhealthy changes in your puppy’s demeanor.

I just want to mention a little about house training a dog should you own one instead of a puppy. Some of the adjustments you’ll need to make from dealing with puppy house training problems and move to house training your dog are that a dog can hold on to needing the toilet for a longer time than a puppy can so you’ll need to let your dog out at least twice a day. You should be walking your dog at least twice a day, both at morning and night, anyway so this shouldn’t be a problem. You also don’t need to watch your dog as much as you do with a puppy although both puppies and dogs can be crate trained.

You could try using puppy pads or paper, in your puppy house training problems schedule, which is a way to not only attract your puppy to a specific area of your home but will also protect the flooring underneath. Some people don’t like these as they encourage the dog to go to the toilet inside however if you already suffer from this problem at least you can control where they go. The best way I can recommend you on how to paper train a puppy is to place the paper or pad by one of the doors to your home and then gradually move the pad outside and let your puppy see what you’re doing. After your puppy has used the pad move the pad outside and the scent from the last time your puppy went should attract him to the pad again but this time outside.

In the long run, I’d recommend using a crate for both house training puppies and house training your dog as your fulfilling a natural instinct by giving them their very own ‘den’ to stay in and they’ll have their own little-confined space in your home much like your children have their own rooms. This will help reduce the amount of puppy house training problems you’ll have to face.

What’s So Great About Aluminium Dog Crates?

People are thinking that using crates as a place for the dogs be kept inside can be a bit humane. Why is that? Well, people find it “wrong” to imprison these dogs inside their cages, which is true there are a lot of people using it as a tool for abuse which is wrong, but you have to consider the good that it will do for your dog. So, long as you know how to use it right the crate can be used as a second home for them to use for privacy. The crate can be a safe haven for them when under stress or when they are scared and afraid.

As a homeowner, you need to know that the use of a dog crate can be a good disciplinary tool and so long as you know how to handle them right, then the crate won’t be used for abuse.

Now, people are wondering “what’s so great about using aluminium dog crates?” it is a good question actually. When there’s a whole bunch of crates that comes in different shape and sizes, and not to mention the design is also different from one another that you got to wonder why the aluminum crate sticks out from the rest. For sure there are others that are good, and strong looking for your dog to live in but there are a lot of people using aluminum, however, so you got to wonder about that, don’t you?

Here are some of the reasons why the aluminum crate is great to use for your dog.

An aluminium crate offers:

  • Water resistant.
  • Impact resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • The dogs can see things inside.
  • The aluminum crates are light and portable.
  • They are simple to clean and maintained.
  • Keeps the animal inside cool.

These are the reasons why aluminum crates have so much to offer to you but the number one big shot is that the aluminum crates provides your dog ventilation, that is the biggest advantage when having to own a crate like that. Your dog will surely be cooled down when it’s a hot day outside, and not to mention the crate will remain dry and odorless. That’s the thing about having to own an aluminum crate. This will surely bring comfort and security to your dog and not to mention they won’t feel suffocated and overheated inside.

With this, you don’t have to worry too much about the comfort of your pet dog, knowing that the crate is built in such a way to make sure that the dog is happy inside with his new home. The good thing about it is that you can use it whenever you go out for travels as well. Your dog will be comfortable knowing he is safe inside and traveling to different places won’t be a problem when you have the aluminum crate.

In the end, you cannot deny the advantages that it has over you and your dog. You don’t have to worry if your dog is suffering or feeling uncomfortable knowing that you made sure that the crate you use made them happy. They will not under stress when living inside, and they will be calm and at ease knowing that your crate training clearly helps them overcome their anxiety. By then, the use of this type of crate shows a huge improvement in your dog’s behavior. Clearly, it benefits you and your dog. You are not stressed out because of their bad behavior and your conscience is at ease knowing they are safe and sound inside their new “room.”